Ciao, I am Miriana Greco! An Italian designer based in London. I am interested in graphic and 3D motion design, and post-production. Below you can find a selection of my most recent work, more upon email request.
I am available for freelance works, opportunities and collaborations.
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Abstract Art (2020)

Creating abstract art by experimenting with lights, materials and shapes on Cinema 4D and After Effects.

LN-CC (2021)

Design graphics assets shared across LN-CC platforms (Instagram, newsletter, website, etc.). Which included image treatment, motion animation, collages and more.

Babyracer (2020)

Title Design for the movie Babyracer. Created lettering illustrations for the opening sequence inspired by the typography of race cars' logos.
The designs of the chapter openers are a visualisation of the circuit map in which the movie's characters compete.

Golborne 44 (2020)

Golborne 44 is a showroom for vintage furniture. The task was to create a brand modern identity with a touch of nostalgia. I have developed an identity from old stamps. Additionally, designed specification sheets and colouring to apply on their social media pictures.

1984 (2020)

Created this animation in Cinema 4D and After Effect. Inspired by the dystopic totalitarian society described in George Orwell’s book. The brutalist-like buildings carry the title of the novel. As soon as the blocks – which represent the people – fall out of place, the policing system in 1984 gets rid of them.